Patanjali Aloe vera gel

Patanjali Aloe Vera Gel-500x500   hie everyone..!! this is my very first blog..and i have decided to review about this aloe vera gel first…

here it goes..!!

so i have a acne prone skin….recently i had a huge breakout suddenly 😦

i was really depressed…so i decided to start applying my dermatologist recommended  cream earlier (i’l review about that cream in my next blog)

well that cream works like magic on my acne…but has a major side left my skin dry and red…


my acne was cleared off but my face had become dry and dull and red patches here and there…it was horrible..

so i thought of mosturizing it and a bought a patanjali(an indian brand) aloe vera gel..

the price was decent enough and it comes in a tube form.. just rs.35 for the small tube..the quantity was good lasted for about a month,since my sister was also using it..

the gel claimed it has Aloe Vera Gel for natural beauty, safety and useful for removal of pigmented spots,for dryness and redness

Ingredients – Aloe Vera 90% W/V , Base Material – q.s , Permitted Colours – Tartazine Yellow and Brilliant blue , Vitamin E , Fragrance and Preservatives q.s

i used this cream as a night cream along with patanjali aloevera moisturizer(will review the moisturizer also) and it worked wonders for my dry skin…

after a week my skin was back to normal….after applying this gel my skin felt soft and supple…it really moisturized my skin very well..(dont know whether it was the effect of this gel or the other patanjali mosturizer i was using…you must try both :-P)

it also worked good for my acne scars….so for people with dry skin this is a must have product….it really helps…even it slightly helps with healing of redness but not much…

use it as a night cream and the next morning u’l feel the difference in your skin…it can also be used for hair to make it smooth and soft..

my cheeks felt smooth and the dryness due to my acne cream was also reduced to a great extent

the only con is the artifical fragrance was not at all needed…

so this patanjali aloevera gel is a must buy to make your skin look radiant and smooth..!!

ratings-  5/5

any queries mail me at—


thank you for reading..!!!!














































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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